An eventful trip to the City of London.

4DHW visiting London

Despite facing several challenges and enduring hours of anticipation, the resilient students of class 4DHW and their unwavering and steadfast teachers Ms. Spiegel and Mr. Meth finally arrived in the charming City of London. Although we were bothered by the nerve-wracking inconvenience of a flight cancellation, we still managed to spend three delightful days exploring the metropolis. Each day and experience left a lasting impression on us and strengthened the bonds within our class community. We quickly forgot about the tiring journey as we took a pleasant walk through Hyde Park, which was just a few minutes away from our humble abode. Our visit to the Natural History Museum enlightened us about wildlife and nature, offering extraordinary encounters with colossal creatures like the massive blue whale and the mighty T-Rex. Additionally, we were captivated by the stunning beauty of London’s illuminated monuments during a sunset boat tour along the River Thames. As the days came to an end, we indulged in scrumptious national dishes such as Pie and Mash or Fish and Chips. And as if the thrilling air travel wasn’t enough, the adrenaline rush of being guided through the London Dungeon by incredible actors also left a lasting impression on us. Reflecting on our eventful journey, the trials and tribulations now seem insignificant compared to the unforgettable memories we created. I would like to express my gratitude to my classmates, and in particular, extend a heartfelt thank you to Ms. Spiegel and Mr. Meth for making these past few days so thrilling and memorable. – Leoni Eberle-Zimmermann


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