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Cross-cultural workshop

Cross-cultural workshop
“Portland, Oregon: Hipster capital of the world”

On Friday, 25th May, native speaker Elizabeth Russell presented her hometown Portland to the pupils of the 2EHW. She showed us how to present a city in an engaging and entertaining way. In her presentation, she talked about the most famous sights, culinary highlights (“Voodoo” Donuts!) and about the fact that her high school was the inspiration for one of the most famous high schools in the world – Bart Simpson’s high school!

In return, we prepared short “pop-up presentations” about well-known sights and landmarks in Innsbruck and even made some surprising discoveries ourselves. Fun fact: Did you know that seven years ago, someone stole seven tiles from the Golden Roof? Well, we didn’t! – 2EHW and Stefanie Gutschlhofer and Nora Spiegel

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