Everyone is perfect the way they are

Sketch mit Alexandria aus Chicago

Last week we had a guest in our English class. Her name is Alexandria Rust, she comes from Chicago in the United States and works as a professional theatre actress. Jasmin Peskoller, our English teacher, invited her to our class to do a theatre workshop with us.

First, we were all standing in a circle and Alexandria told us that we should just be ourselves and not make her look like she was the craziest person in the room 😉 And she told us that we couldn’t do anything wrong except laughing at others. Then we had to say our names and make any movement that just came to our mind. Everyone looked around timidly but slowly and surely made their moves and said their names.

After that and some more funny activities, Alexandria told us to make ourselves comfortable and lay down on the floor and close our eyes. She told us a story with a quiet voice and that each and everybody was perfect the way they are. When we woke up, everyone stood up with a smile on the face. Then Alexandria gave us a section of a play and we did a little role play in pairs. Everyone worked on their sketch and at the end, every group presented their play very confidently.

In the end, everybody realized that we had improved our self-confidence very much and Alexandria and Jasmin were really proud of us and praised us a lot, which was really kind. I learned a lot about myself through this workshop, and I had lots of fun. I liked Alexandria’s nice and confident appearance. I hope she will visit us again soon. – Simon Wilfling, 2DHW

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