Together against old fashioned perspectives

On February 19th, all the third-year classes of the Ferrari School were offered the opportunity to get to know what the ,,Gewaltschutzzentrum Innsbruck” stands for. Information was provided about the different forms of violence and their motives. We got interesting insights into the work of the employees in the ,,Gewaltschutzzentrum Innsbruck”. It was discussed what kind of help is provided for the victims. In addition, practical examples from former clients were used to describe how victims were helped in situations of violence. We found the lecture very enlightening, as it educates women on how to seek help if they ever become victims to domestic violence.

GewaltschutzzentrumAll the boys attending the third year had a workshop with an organisation called “Mannsbilder”. This association focuses on the well-being of the men in our society. Children over the age of 12 can confidentially talk about their problems with certain staff members. During said workshop the boys talked about the things that define them about the future and how men are seen in today’s society. – Melanie Ostermann, 3BHW

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