Ferrari goes Alpine Zoo

photo collage: Jonas Wiederin

On 4 June we visited the Alpine zoo with Mary-Jane, a student from the Philippines who stayed in Tyrol for three months to learn about Austrian cuisine at our school. She has always wanted to see a zoo where animals from our biomes are kept. Therefore we organized an excursion with our English teacher Ms. Leitner and our form teacher Mr. Griesser. We started our day taking the Hungerburgbahn and hiking to the Alpine zoo. There we showed Mary-Jane around and told her about the various animals living in this zoo. We had some ice-cream afterwards, a nice chat with her and then went back to the city on the Hungerburgbahn again. It was a nice and relaxing day and we are sure Mary-Jane liked our excursion and will always remember her time at the Ferrarischule in Innsbruck. – Jana Pachler, Sabrina Lubei und Selina Muigg, 3EHW