Ireland – what an amazing country

The classes 4DHW and 4EHW had the opportunity to spend one week living with Irish host families and attending the ISI language school in Dublin. On our tour through Dublin, Galway and Northern Ireland, we learned loads about the rich Irish history and culture. In order to improve the team spirit in our classes, we had a fun Irish dance and sing-along evening and visited the Butler chocolate experience and Guinness brewery. As media classes, we obviously couldn’t pass up such an opportunity to take some amazing pictures, which was why a street photography contest was organized to capture the Irish city life. The top five presented below were (in no particular order) Moritz Ettlinger, Sophie Jira, Celina Hetzenauer, Chantal Hofer, and Eva Unterrainer. Congratulations!

When we went from the west of Ireland, where we had spent the last night, to Dublin, from there to Munich and at last back home, we felt sorry to have to bid such a gorgeous country farewell.

Although the Irish weather left much to be desired, we will always remember exploring the shops and cafés of Dublin, standing on the edge of the world at the Cliffs of Moher or sitting on board of a famine ship with creepy mannequins. Many thanks to our teachers Mrs. Maria Hofer, Mr. Georg Gierzinger, Mr. Hermann Sinnegger, and Mr. Adrian Meth for making such a trip possible. (written by Sarah Madertoner)